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Key Performance Indicators

Top Four Customer Success KPIs to Track

Ensure you are tracking the right customer success KPIs at every stage of the customer journey to find out where churn happens and why.

From over 20 years of research in technology, we know that all customer success organizations should be tracking these four metrics:

  • Renewal Rate: The truest indicator of how much customers value your products or services. This statistic tracks the amount of your subscriptions that are being renewed.
  • Churn Rate: The rate at which customers stop using your product or service.
  • Expansion Rate: The rate at which customers want to increase their subscription.
  • Customer Health Score: Helps you to predict customer churn, expansion, and business outcomes for your customers.
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Customer Success Telemetry

Take the Guesswork Out

We have the largest vault of customer success tech industry data with studies on everything from Fortune 100 companies to SMB tech companies. We know which customer success metrics have been proven to be the most effective. We can help you track your progress, understand how your company compares against the industry, and achieve your goals faster.


of customer success organizations leverage research firms to verify and validate which metrics are best for their organization.

The Benchmarking Process

The TSIA Benchmarking process is built from the largest vault of industry data taken from both Fortune 100 companies and SMB tech companies. This process:

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Shows you exactly how your internal teams are measuring up against industry standards.

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Compares your organization to customer success pacesetters.

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Identifies performance gaps in your customer success operations.

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Guides you to optimized practices and faster outcomes.

How It Works

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Conquer the Iceberg

These metrics for managing your customer success department and organization are just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s exactly why TSIA is here. We help you:

  • Identify which of the top customer success metrics we see top tech companies use to manage their customer success organizations.
  • Implement these at your company through personalized advisory, from answering your inquiries to hosting advisory workshops.
  • Set the right goals for your business and track your progress through benchmarking, which assesses your current performance and compares it against the industry.
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The TSIA Customer Success Benchmark gave us an opportunity to inspect our business, validate things we are doing well, and identify areas of improvement.

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Picture of Kevin Meeks

Kevin Meeks

SVP, Cloud and Managed Services,


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The TSIA Benchmarking process was such a valuable tool for us to continue to shape our customer success team. The output of this process gave us clear outside views of our current state and prioritized guidance of how we can continue to improve.

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Picture of Chip VonBurg

Chip VonBurg

Vice President of Customer Success,


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Our benchmarking survey was a great opportunity to look outside of our own walls to find areas of improvement. The results were clear and actionable.

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Picture of Heather Quigley-Allen

Heather Quigley-Allen

VP, Customer Success,


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