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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping defines every step of the customer’s journey to demonstrate value, enabling adoption, and creating a smooth, predictable customer experience.

By outlining every engagement a customer has with your company, it helps visualize the customer experience. It is used to guide your internal team and customers through the customer life cycle toward your ultimate goal: repeatable customer outcomes.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

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Create an adoption framework.

This is a step that the majority of companies will miss. The adoption framework utilizes customer telemetry (descriptive, predictive, and outcome analytics) to tie specific moments or attributes from low adoption to high adoption to effective adoption, allowing you to create a map based on data instead of speculation.

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Outline objectives and create a draft.

Make sure your team is on board with the vision for the customer experience. Research your own customer experience to map out all of the customer’s interactions with you.

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Get feedback from every customer-facing department.

This allows you to get a full understanding of the customer experience and bring in all stakeholders to contribute to the process.

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Update and design your new customer experience.

Loop in any stakeholders who play a part in the customer journey and make the tangible changes you’ve decided on. After you complete these steps, you must also plan a review-and-refresh cycle so you can adjust the map on an ongoing basis.

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Creating a Customer Journey that Maps to Success

Take the Guesswork Out

We provide customer success teams with data and resources to help them create and execute on their customer journey maps.

At TSIA, we have the largest vault of customer success tech industry data in the world, with studies on companies from the Fortune 100 to tech SMBs.

Our Customer Success research practice is focused on helping our members increase user adoption and grow customers by bridging the gap between the promise of technology and customer outcomes.

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Get Tangible Outcomes

After completing the customer journey mapping exercise, a member company was able to identify gaps around customer adoption and outcomes. By adjusting the customer journey map and those involved, they were able to improve net health scores from 19% to 76%, and gain:

  • Greater visibility into account health.
  • A viable business model to support increased resourcing and tool/process enhancements.
  • An increased pipeline of reference customers based on value delivery and outcomes attainment.

TSIA ROI Case Study

Customer Journey Mapping

Member Challenge

The Customer Success organization within this Industrial Internet of Things Company analyzed their customer journey and identified gaps around customer adoption and outcomes. The customer backed insights identified an opportunity for coordinated ownership and accountability for managing success across the complete customer journey.

TSIA Recommendations and Resources Used


Leveraged the expertise of TSIA’s VP, Customer Success.

Research via email, phone, and in-person engagements.


Gathered learnings from TSIA’s Customer Success research, Technology-as-a-Service Playbook, and B4B.


Received value through attending sessions and networking with peers.


Completed the Customer Success benchmark to identify areas of improvement.


They created a Customer Success Management Strategy and put a team of customer success managers in place to coordinate account teams across the customer journey, resulting in:

  • Visibility into account health based on a data backed account analytics platform to highlight issues and opportunities.
  • A viable business model to support increased resourcing and tool/process enhancements. 
  • An increased pipeline of reference customers based on value delivery and outcomes attainment.

A significant improvement in net health scores from 19% to 76% while increasing account coverage.

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The information TSIA provided was extremely valuable and gave us the best practices we needed to move forward with our customer success portal.

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Kim Palenik

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I am extremely satisfied with the responses to all my inquiries so far. I work in a global quality team where customer experience and operational excellence are a primary focus and enabler for growth. Thank you TSIA, for being professional, responsive, and flexible to help me out even in my most ambiguous queries.

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Asya Georgieva


HP Enterprise

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TSIA is an oasis in the desert. For years, Mimecast has been searching for an industry analyst and advisory body that has deep domain expertise on customer success and service delivery, and we finally found that in TSIA.

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Mark Bilbe

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