TSIA World ENVISION • ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas • October 16-18, 2023

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Get Data-Driven Actionable Advice for Unifying Customer Success Organizations with Forecasts and Predictions of Trends in the Customer Success Industry

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100+ sessions delivering industry-validated data and insights

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Network and connect with customer success leaders and professionals

Not Magic–Just Informative Data

TSIA World ENVISION presents an unmatched professional development conference for customer success professionals. Immerse yourself in tried-and-true methodologies, best practices, and insights, all backed by DATA.

Our customer success industry leaders address common challenges that face the tech industry in the era of digital transformation:

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Evolving critical customer success KPIs, metrics, and health score variables

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Scaling customer success, even in an economic downturn

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Digital customer adoption

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Organizational roles and responsibilities

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Transformation Experienced

Not all learning is created equal—there is learning to simply gain knowledge, and there is learning to get motivated. 

At TSIA World ENVISION, you are surrounded by the most talented colleagues in the customer success industry. Amplify your customer success knowledge by attending our information-packed and immersive sessions.

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Connect with a Vibrant Community

TSIA World ENVISION is the digital transformation conference for customer success. While our conferences are for all technology professionals, customer success makes up the largest group within our attendees. As a customer success professional at TSIA World ENVISION, you’ll connect with both like-minded and different points of view with more than 1,000 tech executives!

Our conference structure facilitates networking opportunities, so you can interact with presenters, fellow tech industry professionals, and solution providers in the expo, at our social events, and after hours. Build your resources to help solve problems and create lasting connections with peers, prospects, and customers within our community.

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Out of All the Conferences in the World…

TSIA World is the only event for technology and services professionals that is driven by research and empirical data.

As the creators of LAER and the Fish Model, TSIA thought leaders have a history of being forward thinking. Get a glimpse into the future of the technology industry from exclusive TSIA data and industry experts with a history of accurate predictions.

The truest stories are told with data, and that’s our speciality, whether in a growing economy or a downturn. Our keynotes and breakout sessions are fueled by the latest and greatest data points…which make points. Take a look:


You’ll Be In Good Company

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I work for one of the largest tech companies in the world, but I always learn something new from my peers when I attend a TSIA conference. It’s where some of the best and brightest of the industry come together to really learn from each other.

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Mike Flannagan

Mike Flannagan

VP, Customer Experience & Success


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Enabling our customers to succeed is what drives me and the passion for service is evident across the TSIA community. The TSIA conferences offer great insights into the industry while providing a valuable forum to build relationships.

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Doug Schmitt

Doug Schmitt

President, Global Services,

Dell Technologies

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TSIA World

A Glimpse into Our World

In this keynote by Jim Roth, EVP of Customer Success at Salesforce, he discusses how different service disciplines have different behind-the-scenes operations, processes, and systems. All too often, that is plainly apparent to customers, who have a disjointed experience that reflects your org chart more than their needs. The time is now to create a unified, integrated experience of all of the services your customers need for life. By converging customer success, customer support, and education services into one super discipline, Salesforce has created a more integrated customer experience while also creating operational synergies that will make any CFO happy.

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